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Living Today

“Once I get that [insert item here] then I will be happy.”  The item can be a promotion, a car, the new job, a degree, a new house, friends, or a significant other, but it tends to create a world … Continue reading

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Kids These Days…

How funny is it that once you reach 40, you start to become Snarky about the generations below you?  Regularly when speaking to larger groups of supervisors or managers, you start to hear this: “THEY do not have OUR work … Continue reading

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Your Job Matters

I was working with a team in a laundry facility at a nursing home.  They were in conflict, working long hours in a small and hot space.  During the individual interview with each employee, I asked a simple question and … Continue reading

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Know Yourself. Change the World.

Know Yourself?  What does that mean?  Most scholars agree that the key to leadership, managing well, being a parent, or just a good member of society starts with understanding yourself.  Why do you do the things you do?  Why do you … Continue reading

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